Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Achievements Released

Carma - Kill an enemy by throwing a car door at them

• A New Era - Complete the campaign on any difficulty

• Hard Hitter - Complete the campaign on Hardened difficult

• Excellence in Everything - Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty

• Never Saw it Coming - Boost jump, dash forward, then air stomp an enemy

• Escape Artist - Avoid 20 grenades by dodging with your exo

• Loud Enough for You? - Kill 10 enemies or drones while affected by a sonic blast

• Maximum Overdrive - Kill 50 enemies while using Overdrive

• Genius - Kill 4 enemies with a single smart grenade

• Threat Detected - Paint 10 enemies with a single threat grenade

• Fly Swatter - Knock 25 drones out of the sky with EMP grenades

• Where Are You Going? - Stop an AST with an EMP grenade

• History in the Making - Collect over half of the intel

• Ferrum Absconsum -  Collect all the intel

• Riot Control - Kill 20 enemies while linked to the Mobile Cover Drone

• Advanced Soldier - Spend your first exo upgrade point

• Second Skin - Spend 10 exo upgrade points

• We Have the Technology - Spend 20 exo upgrade points

• Power Changes Everything - Completely upgrade your Exo

• Seoul Mates - Complete "Introduction"

• Not On My Watch - Prevent the walking tank from being destroyed by the Drone Swarm in "Introduction"

• Deadeye - Score "excellent" in the shooting range in "Atlas"

• Grenadier - Score "excellent" in the grenade range in "Atlas"

• Welcome to Atlas - Complete "Atlas"

• Look Both Ways - Kill all the KVA in the traffic section without shooting a civilian vehicle in "Traffic"

• Life in the Fast Lane - Complete "Traffic"

• Fire and Forget - Kill 10 enemies with the Mobile Turret Missiles in "Fission"

• Radioactive - Complete "Fission"

• Motor City - Complete "Aftermath"

• Wheelman - Finish the hoverbike sequence without hitting any walls or obstacles or taking damage in "Aftermath"

• Sitting Ducks - Kill 3 enemies with one shot of the Sniper Drone in "Manhunt"

• Born to Die - Complete "Manhunt"

• Betrayal - Complete "Utopia"

• Part Crasher - Kill 20 enemies with the Grappling Hook in "Sentinel"

• Crates on a Plane - Complete "Sentinel"

• The Destroyer Returns - Complete "Crash"

• Restricted Airspace - EMP 10 enemy aircraft out of the sky with the hovertank in "Bio Lab"

The achievements available for the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was recently released and below you will find a list of what you have to look forward to.  It seems many of the achievements are tied to upgrading and doing things with the exosuit you will have in the game.  Which achievements are you looking forward to achieving the most?

• Irons in the Fire - Complete "Bio Lab"

• GG - Complete "Collapse"

• Man Overboard! - Melee an enemy so they fly off the side of the ship in "Armada"

• Wrath of Atlas - Complete "Armada"

• Flying Ace - Shoot down 10 enemies with the machine guns in "Throttle"

• Manticor Unleashed - Complete "Throttle"

• Heavy-Handed - Go through 20 gun drops in one-armed combat in "Captured"

• The Wheat from the Chaff - Complete "Captured"

Notes from Matt and Jeff Hardy on Talk is Jericho Part 1

Notes from Hardy Boyz on Talk is Jericho Part 1

·         Jeff and Matt both talk about how WrestleMania 4 was the event that really captured their imaginations and the point that they both knew they wanted to be professional wrestlers

·         The WWE show they went to was in Fayetteville and it featured Andre the Giant vs Big John Studd in the main event

·         The Hardys and Jericho talk about how when they were young the NWA guys seemed like the guys that were really tough guys and guys that just wanted to fight and the WWF guys seemed like big stars and guys who would be in Hollywood if they were not in WWF

·         Jericho and the Hardys laugh about trying to see wrestlers coming into the arena and the crazy  outfits that they wore back then but how they thought the guys looked so cool

·         Jeff talks about going to a show and remember Lex Luger getting out of a huge Lincoln in a black and blue pin stripe leotard with a muscle shirt and a fanny pack

·         They laugh about how Michael Hayes still wears a fanny pack

·         The Hardys talk about getting started with a true circus carney that had a wrestling ring with a trampoline in the middle.  They bought the ring took out the trampoline and the first time they set the ring up they screwed the plywood down and it took them 8 hours to take the ring down.

·         When they started Omega Matt bought a suit and would go around and try and get sponsorship to pay for the shows.   He also learned to sew and would make the wrestling gear for the wrestlers

·         Matt talks about Manny Fernandez showing up and trying to force himself into an Omega show.  He said Manny showed up and asked where he was supposed to get dressed and told Matt who was booking the show that he had been booked for the show.  Matt told him that there was no more money to pay him and Manny said that he was booked and he was going to wrestle and if he didn’t get paid someone was going to get their ass kicked and it might be Matt.  Matt finally let him set up his gimmick table and years later when the Hardys were in WWE they ran into Manny who was a custodian at a hotel and Manny talked about how they didn’t let him force himself onto the show.

·         In Omega, Jeff’s characters were Wolverine and Will of the Wisp.  They talk about other names for characters in Omega such as Gladiator and the iceman

·         Matt tells the story of Jeff having to lie about  his age because he was 16 and was too young to wrestle for WWE when he had his first match with Razor Ramon

·         A wrestler who worked for the Italian Stallion, Eddie Rainwater saw Jeff and Matt working at an Omega show and hooked them up with the Italian Stallion. 

·         Stallion took the Hardys and a van of people up to work a WWE loop as enhancement talent.  The WWE was paying $150 a day and Stallion waited on them to get in the van after the first show and told them if they wanted to go to the next town they were going to have to pay him a booking fee of $100 per day

·         Matt said that the Cliq guys were always nice to them because Jeff took everything he could for Scott in the first match and Scott hurt Jeff’s knee

·          Matt’s first TV match was with Nikolai Volkoff and before he went out to wrestle Tony Garea told him that if he messed up they would not book him again.

·         The Hardys then went on their own to a show and met Chief Jay Strongbow and told him not to call Stallion to just call them and they would come work

·         1997-98 they eventually got contracts with WWE as enhancement talent

·         Matt says they turned the corner as a team when they had the first ladder match

·         Michael Hayes was very influential in helping them learn ring psychology and how to take each spot and make it work for them

·         Jeff says one of the defining moments for him was when he was wrestling King Kong Bundy and took the back flip clothesline bump and that got him over

·         The Hardys joke about how they destroyed Indy wrestling because once they became big in WWE everyone in the Indy’s thought they could just go to hot topic and buy their stuff for the ring.

·         They joked about how high Michael Hayes wore his pants up on his belly when he was managing the Hardys

Professional Gamer Killed For His Playstation 4

28 Year old Daniel John Zeitz of Roswell Georgia known in the professional gaming community as Phobos was shot and killed by a 16 year old girl in a attempted robbery of his Playstation 4.

Zeitz met the girl and her boyfriend Nathaniel Vivian in a parking lot to complete the sale of his Playstation 4 that Zeitz had listed on craigslist.  When Zeitz walked up to the car Vivian grabbed the Playstation and tried to pull it out of Zeitz's hands.  When Zeitz fought back the girl pulled the trigger on her .25 caliber pistol and shot her boyfriend Vivian through the hand and struck Zeitz fatally in the chest.

The local police later arrested Nathaniel Vivian and the 16 yr old girl when they showed up at a local hospital trying to get treatment for Vivian's hand.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up by his gaming buddies to help Zeitz's family pay for his funeral expense.


Blizzard Announces Warcraft Name Reclamation before New Expansion

Blizzard has announced that with the upcoming  pre-patch expansion they will be reclaiming names for characters that have been dormant.

A blog post explains that the Warlords of Draenor pre-patch (6.0.2) will take back the names of any characters that haven't logged into the game since November 13, 2008, making them available for new characters or anyone who fancies using the paid Character Name Change service.

So if you just happen to have Leroy Jenkins and haven't destroyed any guild runs since 2008, you might want to log in now while you still can save your name.