The Crazy Details Behind The Insane J.J. Abrams Superman Reboot That Almost Was

By Eric Eisneberg

After the false start that was Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, the big screen version of the Man of Tomorrow is finally on firm path towards a stable cinematic future. Director Zack Snyder brought the character back with Man of Steel in 2013, and with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and, presumably, Justice League on the horizon will keep a continued continuity going for at least a few years. But what if things had gone in a completely different direction? What if instead of having filmmakers like Snyder, Christopher Nolan and David Goyer working behind the scenes it was instead J.J. Abrams instead? As you'll learn watching the video above, that reality at one point was actually a possibility. 

The Weekly Planet podcast did a special segment this week where they too an in-depth look back at the history of the J.J. Abrams-scripted Supes movie that almost was: Superman: Flyby. Plucking details from multiple versions of the in-development script, the show reveals that the film would have featured some major changes to the origin story of the titular superhero that would have shocked many fans. With directors like McG and Brett Ratner being looked at for the director’s chair, the movie would have included (among other things):
Krypton not exploding
A baby Kal-El being sent to Earth specifically to live with the Kents
Lex Luthor being revealed as a Kryptonian
Jor-El committing ritual suicide to join his dead son (Superman dies and is resurrected in the film)
Lots and lots of Matrix-inspired Kryptonian kung fu

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Lynda Carter Comments on Wonder Woman’s ‘Batman V Superman’ Costume

It’s odd that even after all these years of superhero blockbusters, a hero or heroine’s costume can still be the biggest symbol of what direction a film will take – or the exact opposite. An audience’s first look at a superhero suit is always certain to draw mixed reactions, but in the case of Wonder Woman, casual and diehard fans alike took their time to process Gal Gadot’s new outfit when it was revealed at Comic Con 2014.

Gadot’s casting may have been deemed ‘controversial,’ but the costume itself received a surprisingly warm reception. But the lack of the classic red, white and blue color scheme isn’t lost on former Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter. However, her reservations point to one fact that should be clear by now: the Wonder Woman of Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman is no longer just an ‘American’ icon.



Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the directors of the Lego Movie are rebooting The Greatest American Hero for TV.  Deadline describes the synopsis as the new tv show as this:

Written/exec produced by Rodney Rothman and produced by 20th TV, the new Greatest American Hero will chronicle inner-city teacher Isaac's adventures after his discovery of a superhero suit which gives him superhuman abilities. Unfortunately for Isaac, he hates wearing the suit, and has to learn how to use its powers by trial and error because he quickly misplaces the suit's instructions. He also has to deal with a government handler who has very different objectives than him and struggles as to whether he should use his newfound gifts to help others or just himself.


Part 2 of Bautista on Y2J’s Podcast
•    Bautista says he wants to go back to WWE but he hopes they will work with him on creative instead of fighting with him on his ideas which they normally seem to do anyway but three weeks late

•    Bautista prefers working house shows instead of working TV shows because they are a lot more fun
•    Bautista started the business at age 33.  He says he got in the business for all the wrong reasons which was just to make money
•    Bautista had an awful tryout with WCW.  He says Sarge basically ran them out the door.  Jericho brings up that Sarge also ran Chel Sonnen out of WCW Power plant
•    Bautista trained with Afa and Afa got him the tryout match with WWE.  His first contract was for $600 a week
•    Bautista says he was broke and borrowing money until his first title run.  He was in WWE for three years before he really made any money
•    Bautista talks about Bubba Dudley yelling at him and randy because he strained his back in the match that Bautista tore his triceps in
•    They talk about all the crazy temper tantrums Randy Orton would throw in the early days of Evolution.  
•    HHH talked to Bautista and Randy before Evolution formed to make sure they wanted to be in the group because of all the backstage heat he figured they would receive
•    They considered replacing Bautista with Jindrak in Evolution when Bautista was hurt but HHH wanted to keep Bautista
•    The original idea WWE had for Bautista was for Bautista to be angry all the time because he was a product of his mother being raped
•    Bautista talks about how when he gets grief from smarks  about his wrestling ability he just always wonders why they think their opinion matters to him
•    HHH fought to put the match between he and Bautista off until WrestleMania so they would have a long build even though Vince wanted the match to happen much quicker
•    Jericho and Bautista talk about being fined because Bautista did a blade job when Jericho hit him with a pipe in a match. They said when they came back through the curtain there was a lot of screaming from Vince over the blood.  Vince finally left and told them he would talk to them in a week after a European tour.  Bautista was fined $100,000, Jericho was fined $5000, and the producer Dean Malenko and Referee Kioda were fined $5000.  Bautista paid all the fines for everyone
•    Bautista said the day he was fined for the match was the day he felt the life was sucked out of him as far as the business goes.  He felt he was doing what was right for business.
•    Bautista left WWE largely because he felt like they were killing the business going with the PG Era.  He felt like by doing the PG era  they took away so many tools the wrestlers had to help make a good living
•    Bautista talks about how he feels people respect the attitude generation more because they were allowed to go to war with each other and sacrifice their body for the fans and even though today there are guys that would do it, WWE will not let them
•    Bautista talks about how he didn’t understand the random fan chants when he came back
•    Jericho and Bautista talk about how it’s harder to be a heel now because the PG WWE has taken away so many tools a good heel could use.  They refer to how you even have to ask Vince if you can use a nut shot
•    Bautista talks about how he is going to be in a remake of the 80’s movie Kick boxer.  He said it’s the first movie role that has been offered to him without him having to audition for.
•    Bautista’s favorite match was working as a heel against Rey Mysterio in Mexico but it was at a house show.  He feels it’s the best match of his career.

•    They talk about Bautista’s lunch box collection and he says his favorite one is a 1966 Green Hornet lunch box.